Cleaning the banana patch in ethnobotany class

Today was banana patch cleaning day. The banana patch is a who's who of local invasives led off by Clidemia hirta and Cheilocostus speciosus. Merremia peltata is ever present along with Spathodea campanulata with many sproutlings. All photos were taken by May-me, hence her absence from the following photo essay. This sort of activity acts as a group bonding exercise, building a sense of team and collective accomplishment. The learning outcomes are in the affective domain, and in providing a sense of accomplishment. Everyone succeeds today.

Harriet and Lizleen, Shanaleen looking towards the camera

Darion and Jamie in an invasive thicket, Rennie Glen at the back right

The class noted that we got more done more quickly than at the start of the term. Perhaps that counts as a positive learning outcome.

The class teaming up to clear the weeds

Johsper back left, full swing. Sandralynn taking out Ischaemum polystachyum

Lizleen and Dana


Pelida at center

Lizleen working after others were resting

Dana, bending more plants than cutting. Cheilocostus speciosus

Emerika and Kira

Kimsky. Both banana and Merremia peltata permanently stain clothes


Jade and Emerika


Clayson and Shane

Emerika, Kira in green

Reinhardt found coffee back where he is, Lizleen clearing ground

The Spathodea campanulata is rotting along one side. Ringing the tree repeatedly has weakened but not killed the tree.

Kiyoe worked long after everyone else was done. 




Darion and Jamie


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