OpenStax CNX Android app for smartphones

Four weeks into the sixteen week term piloting the use of OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry I stumble upon the existence of an Android app for the OpenStax CNX textbook

The text the personal technology classroom is using this term was listed second in the app when I opened the app for the first time.

The app provides a number of capabilities that are not available when accessing the textbook from a web browser including the ability to take and share notes.

Other capabilities in the app include:

Some of the other features of the app include:
- View textbooks in the app.
- in-book search
- Returns you to previous location in book
- Search OpenStax CNX for the content you need.
- Take notes in the app, export them as text files to your phone or share via email or text.
- Share the great content you find with others via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Save your Favorites for quick access when you return to the app.


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