Newton's law from the back of a RipStik and friction

With Monday being a holiday, Newton's laws landed on Wednesday. I ran a "PowerPoint" presentation with slides attached to posts along the sidewalk, demonstrating each law by riding a RipStik while palming a ball.

Jayleen Alex takes notes with her camera

Newton's laws

The classroom

Thursday I redeployed the model of having each student tackle a single friction variable. Again the grit teams found higher friction with finer sandpaper. Glass must have a roughness someone up where 1500 grit paper interacts with that roughness.

VanDamme and Elymore gather data on the effect of weight on the force of friction

John Phillip, Redsea, and Jayleen discuss results

Using Desmos to analyze the data

Darion and Tulpe work on their presentation

This term I brought along poster pad paper permitting the groups to prepare for their presentations.

Saichy and Kaiteie work on surface area versus the force of friction

Johsper presents the effect of weight

Dee-L also presented on the effect of weight

Melsina on the impact of weight on the force of friction

VanDamm presents findings with Elymore

Myreen also looked at the effect of weight

Darion and Tulpe present the effect of sandpaper grit on frictional force

AJ and Phillip on grit

Jayleen and Redsea

Austin and Justice

Kaiteie and Saichy

Yostrick and Rufus cover surface area

Science happens when results are communicated.


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