Banana patch jungle

When I reached the gate of the banana patch an invasive species wall of green a dozen feet tall greeted me. I briefly considered carving a trail through the tangle, and then decided just to crawl through, under, and around the dense bush.

The banana patch was a mass of Ischaemum polystachyum, Cheilocostus speciosus, Clidemia hirta, Spathodea campanulata, Merremia peltata, and various numerous unidentified vines.

Rain had begun to fall exactly on schedule at 3:15, setting up the perfect conditions for the first test in ethnobotany. The class knew only that I was in the agriculture area back by the bananas. They had been told the class meets rain or shine. Would the students come to class? Would someone realize that they had to plow through the bush to reach the patch?

I headed back towards the taiwang bananas in the corner.

If the class found me, then they would know that they should not give up looking for me, no matter the conditions.

They would learn that I am there, they just have to find the class. This must sound odd, but goes to heart of motivation. If a student is not motivated, they are not going to fight their way through the bush in the rain to find me and the class. If they do, they are already motivated. When getting to class is tough, the students treasure reaching the class.

Amidst the jungle, bananas. No one had been back here since the class cleaned the place in May. Yes, just a couple months of growth produced this tangle.

A new pest is found in the garden: giant African snail. I really ought to learn the recipe for these things. I wish they preferentially ate invasive species.

Eventually Shane from Saladak in U moving by himself through the jungle found me. No other student followed him. He proved to be a good tracker, noting where I had tramped through the underbrush. He then went back to let the rest of the class know where the class was meeting.

Eventually the class traipsed in through the bush.

The camera was passed off to May-me as I recall. Darion center right.

Kiyoe with a long machete works on the banana

 Sandralynn proved capable with her machete

Once everyone arrived, the class took to the task at hand despite the tangle.

Darion clearing out reh padil.

Kiyoe with machete.

Kira on the left cleans a banana

Rennie Glen




At the end of class I took role back at the car and handed out the seedless vascular plants hike handout for the hike on Thursday. This is the first term I have tried handing that out in advance. Given the weaknesses in plant names, I thought I ought to push that out early.


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