Algebra and trigonometry outside a computer laboratory

For twenty years, since 1997, MS 101 Algebra and Trigonometry has been taught in the A204 math science computer laboratory permitting the use of desktop computers in the course. Due to a scheduling conflict one section of the course was scheduled outside of the computer laboratory this term. The class was assigned to a classroom known as B201.

B201 second floor, left end of B building

By coincidence the college had just installed a new directional WiFi antenna that lit B201.

New antenna atop south faculty building seen against the sky to the right of building center

On the first day of class 14 of 21 registered students attended the class. I found that nine of the fourteen students had mobile technology - either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. I also found that only five of the fourteen had a copy of the textbook, a textbook that retails for $294 dollars at the bookstore. Knowing that we needed graphing technology provided by Desmos, I saw the obvious solution. Have those in the class without tech spend their $294 on tech and use the OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry text on those devices. B201 would become a mobile computer laboratory. We would work from smartphones, tablets, and laptops usign an online text and Desmos graphing calculator app and website.

As of day four all but two of the now 25 registered students have acquired the necessary technology. The second Monday was spent helping students learn to use Desmos. Some of the second Wednesday will need to be used to better cover OpenStax access and ensure students are logging into Schoology, the course LMS.


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