Why a six campus four island system needs Schoology

The call came in from Chuuk from an uncle. Her father had been rushed to the hospital, his condition unstable and deteriorating. The family had chipped in, a ticket was already waiting for her on the Sunday night flight. That the final examination for the summer course was coming up on Tuesday was far from her mind.

The class had focused on using online technologies. The textbook was an OpenStax online text, the graphing mathematical engine used was Desmos, and all assignments and tests were being done in Schoology learning management system, including the final examination. The students were accustomed to remote communication technologies including the use of Schoology messaging. Every student had one or another form of personal technology.

When I learned she had flown to Chuuk, I reached out and connected with her. With less than 24 hours until the test, working with the Dean of the Chuuk campus arrangements were made Monday for her to sit the examination on Tuesday at the same time as her classmates were taking the examination here on Pohnpei. There would not have been a way to move a paper based test quickly enough let alone securely. And Schoology's powerful test capabilities made possible an online final examination.

A built in equation editor permits the direct entry of complex mathematical expressions.

Schoology provides a broad variety of question types including fill in the blank, the type I use most often. Multiple choice is too often multiple guess, and my students are infinitely more creative in ways to calculate non-solutions that I can possible ever imagine. Fill in the blank includes the option of multiple correct answers when and where that might be necessary.

Schoology allowed me to "see" that the student in Chuuk had begun the examination there at Chuuk campus.

Names and identifying information were not included in the above image but are available to the instructor.

A time limit setting permitted controlling the length of time that the test could be worked, even for the student located remotely in Chuuk.

The use of online technologies allowed the student to complete the course from a distant island. This is the power of Schoology.

My sincere thanks to the Chuuk campus for their assistance in this.

In the interest of partially protecting the identity of the student and the medical situation, some specific details have been altered. 


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