Insights into learning and course reactions in ethnobotany

In SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany an open answer survey sought to elicit insights into student student and reactions to the course. The students were to respond to a a prompt. One of the most common themes cited by the students was the learning value of outdoor learning. Walking among the plants and learning their names and uses was reported as being beneficial to learning the plants and their uses. At the core of ethnobotany are the plants people use and how those plants are used.

My learning of the content was most helped when…
...I participated in the field learning names of the plants because it has been a great impact on my knowledge during my time in the field.
...we walked around the campus and see the trees that we are learning because I experienced and touched what I am learning.
...we went outdoors because I learned the things that needed to be learned when I see them.

The activity that contributed the most to my learning was…
...going to the coconut factory, seeing stuff and sampling materials, very stuck in my head.
...outdoor activities because I get to learn more.
...the field trips and walk and talk classes because I get a chance to take a look at the plants and touch them and knows which one is this or which one is that.
...the hiking because it made me to see and touch. It made me to experience things.
...the outdoor activities. If the activities were in class it will be boring. This class is unique in its own way.
...the outdoor activities. It is tiring walking around on/off campus but seeing the plants in reality instead of looking at it in papers/photos is much helpful.
...when we get into groups and collect leaves and classify them into which groups they belong by looking at the shapes. I still remember how to classify the leaves into their groups. 
...when we went outside because we see things with our eyes.

What I think I will remember five years from now…
...are the names of the plants that we've been learning ever since the beginning of the semester. I will remember some of them because of the way we learned the names by visiting the plants and learning the names. the names of the trees because I learned in this class and I will never forget those names. the scientific names and uses of the plants. your web site. Whenever I get stuck on the names of plants, I will look it up on your web site.

What is something covered in this course material that you can do now that you could not do or did not fully understand at the beginning of the term?
...I could not identify any of the things we do. The plants and their helpful uses. At first, I was not able to identify most of our own plants on the island, but now I can identify many but not all in Latin/English.
...Medicinal use of sakau and the risk, because I've just learned that sakau leaf can be used as a first-aid or as an emergency band-aid to you if you cut yourself in your sakau farm.


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