A botanically inclined walk about

On the first day of final examinations I typically have a two hour final at 8:00 followed by the ethnobotany final at 3:30. In the past the task of marking the 8:00 exams filled up the time between the finals. With my use of an on line final in Schoology for the 8:00 course, the final is automatically marked upon submission. This frees up the middle of the day and permits a scan of the plants available for the afternoon ethnobotany final.

Ananas comosus
The final is only one piece of the overall assessment and focuses on how knowledgeable a student is in their own environment. Ideally they should be able to walk through their forests, fields, and farms, naming plants in both scientifically and in their own language, as well and explain how that plant is used by their culture. This is the core of indigenous ethnobotanical knowledge - to name and to be able to use the plants around one.

Ananas comosus

Centella asiatica

Piper methysticum

Piper methysticum

Lycopodiella cernua

Cordyline fruticosa

Davallia solida

Cyrtosperma merkusii

Butterfly amid Senna alata leaves

Jasminum sambac

Microsorum scolopendria

Piper nigrum

Coffea arabica

Alpinia caroleninensis

Selaginella spp.

Piper ponapense

Ixora casei

Cananga odorata

Premna obtusifolia

Spathoglottis plicata

Artocarpus altilis

Saccharum officinarum

Ipomea littoralis

Campnosperma brevipetiolata

Campnosperma brevipetiolata

Campnosperma brevipetiolata

Merremia peltata

Volkameria inermis

Ocimum tenuiflorum

Scaevola taccada


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