Monday I showed the Micronesian Seminar video Power Comes in Many Forms. I later learned that about ten months ago the MicSem video library was made available on YouTube, including Power Comes in Many Forms.

Wednesday was P = iV and V = iR with appliances and a CashPower meter slip showing 35 cents per kiloWatt hour.

I was playing getting an old motor to run when the students came in at 8:00. I eventually discovered that I could throttle the speed of the motor by sliding the right magnet forward or backward. Initial experiments with one cell had not worked.

So I was running four cells when I discovered that the motor would not spin unless the right magnet was pulled forward. I suspect, quite frankly, that the right magnet is in backwards and should have been South facing me. That said, both were quite dead, so I taped on newer magnets.

I explained the operation of the motor to the few students who were present at 8:00 A.M.

Mayleen Route, Iva Nicole test conductors

Both classes unintentionally demonstrated that if equipment is given to female students, the equipment rather quickly winds up with male students, providing a teachable moment.


Anjannet Fredrick, Regina Pelep, Mandylae

Pelida works with Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Pelida

I have to suspect that the start wherein the gender and equipment effect is mentioned causes the students to be more aware of who gets to have their hands on the equipment. The more common arrangement that the students tend to select is to have the male on the equipment and the female as the note taker. The above is a nice example of the reverse.

Desmos permitted the entry of V1~i1R without even having to enter a multiplication sign between i1 and R, which is optimal, even though the slope now follows the independent variable.  This mirrors V= iR Ohm's law. The complication is that Desmos also displays R² so one had both R² and R displayed in Desmos

I opted to simply go ahead and explain this, while reminding my former statistics students of a forgotten piece of statistics.


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