Suzanne and Nagsia

A day of passing heavy rains punctuated by brief sunny spells made the location decision complex. The trade wind season had gusty rain winds coming out of the east, but when the sun was out the east side provided shade from the afternoon sun. I opted for the east side, but the arrival of strong blowing rain made our location suboptimal.

Raw supplies: this term the class used oahs, Metroxylon amicarum and lirau, Phragmites karka.

Donovan, Kanoa, Austin, AJ

Some were more active than others. One of the challenges is providing the "needles" that students either prefer or are accustomed to. I have seen Kosraean women using pieces of wire from a broken umbrella. I have heard of the use of filed down and cut toothbrush handles. Alexander said that he has used plastic needles made from the red plastic handle of an ice cream bucket. These are flat which is a plus when making doakoahs. Alexander noted that Nypa fruticans used on Yap proper and is a tougher leaf that is easier to work with, breaks less easily.

Alson was the trainer, Kun Junior is the learner.

Glenn DeShawn removes the nohk

A division of labor. Aimina and Jayleen remove the nohk while Nagsia weaves in the foreground.

Removal of the nohk, the midrib, to prevent breakage on bending.

Franky turns a small key into a doakoahs needle for Junida

Even stitching with each stitch crossing the nohk makes a stronger, more durable stitch.

Nagsia demonstrated experience in her ability to stitch quickly, evenly, and correctly

Learning by watching

A heavy shower that missed and went south of our position

Alexander demonstrated the style of stitching used in Yap proper. Note the loop back around the midrib.

Jayleen making doakoahs en Ruk. No student attempted doakoahs en Pohnpei this year. 

Aimina trying her hand at weaving

Separate from the class, YSO preparing for Founding Day

The timing in the term was so ideal that this should be repeated. The woven panels went to PSO and the leftover materials went to KSO.

Beautiful weaving for a side wall for YSO

Aimina's effort, well done!

Jayleen Rensile


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