Google Drive Notepad and Schoology on ChromeOS

One of the advantages of an LMS such as Schoology is that one can utilize copy and paste to make comments on submitted assignments. On the limited real estate of a ChromeBook the Drive Notepad provides the ability to keep a series of different boilerplate responses that can be customized.

On the left is the Drive Notepad running in a theme called Cobalt, on the right Schoology with a submission. At the top of the notepad file are my unicode code points. The use of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-shift-u allows direct entry of these under ChromeOS. Alternatively they can be copied from Drive Notepad which is itself unicode point friendly.

unicode points
u00b5 µ
u0305 x̅
u03b1 α
u2080 ₀
u2081 ₁
u2212 −
u2260 ≠

While Schoology makes possible direct commenting in the assignment, I usually opt to add comments on the right, attaching screenshots if appropriate to explaining a particular concept.

Although I also have the Caret text editor installed on the ChromeBook, Drive Notepad has the advantage of being synched by Google Drive across all of the systems I use which include a ChromeBook, ChromeBase, Ubuntu, iMac OSX, and, on a rare occasion, Windows 7.


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