Plants that heal

Jelory of Woleai brought in Microsorum scolopendria, shishi. On Woleai the rhizome of shishi is used to make a tea that is used to treat dengue fever.

Franky explained the use of a variety of Premna obtusifolia locally known as oahr in the treatment of generalized pain or aches. The oahr is used in a steam bath treatment known as umwulap.

AJ spoke on the use of the fresh fruit of Morinda citrifolia to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. The ripe fruit is squeezed and then drank. This is not the use of fermented "noni juice" where the fruit is fermented and the resulting black juice is consumed.

Suzanne presented a Kosraean treatment using fien sra ii, the use of the crushed young newly sprouted leaves of Morinda citrifolia to bring boils to a head and to treat bruises.

Alson detailed the use of Morinda citrifolia blossoms in the treatment of pink eye, among other uses.

Jayleen Rensile covered the use of the red Terminalia catappa leaves (old leaves) to make an infusion used to treat diarrhea.

Sonya describes the use of lemon grass tea as a treatment for diarrhea and gout.

Kanoa presented on the leaf of Piper methysticum to staunch bleeding of a fresh wound.

Brady also covered the use of red Terminalia catappa leaves. His use was again an infusion, this time bathe a baby to treat heat rash.

Nagsia described the use of a variety of Premna obtusifolia locally known at oahr for headaches. One showers in an infusion of oahr to treat the headache.

Heather spoke on the use of a yet-to-be-identified plant to bring a boil to a head.

Of note would be that the presentations leaned very heavily on the plants closest to the classroom. Premna obtusifolia, Terminalia catappa, Ischaemum polystachyum, Psidium guajava, Annona muricata. Overall there was a low diversity of plants and illnesses treated. The presentations were also shorter than in the past. These could be compressed into a single day. The healing plant videos could be combined with presenting on the virtual herbarium and what identifies a plant. The day in A204 could be switch hitting with the Paies trip across two days. If day one is sunny, Paies. If day one is rainy, A204.


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