Hide and seek discovery learning

Navigating purely by latitude and longitude coordinates was again taught as a discovery learning exercise where I hid in the back bush and the students tried to find me using a GPS and my coordinates.

On Monday I preselected my hide. One student had downloaded a GPS app to their phone that used decimal degrees, so I included the decimal degrees coordinates this year.

The arcminute display.

The hid was a hollow in the side of a hill with embankments to the east and north.

Hard to see the hide from across the valley.

The view from the hide.

First arrivals were Jeremiah and Kimsky, both of whom had to come right on top of my position in the hide. A large group traipsed along behind them. One of the seven GPS units failed last term. A sixth one failed back at the office today. Only five GPS units were available.

Jayvin, Dorothy, and Tedrick were following closest behind Jeremiah and Kimsky.

Vanessa, Kiana, and Jayvin.

Kiana, Jayvin, and Jeremiah

Iva Nicole arrives.

Jeremiah and Dorothy wait.

Mayleen arrives.
 Tristan appears.

This term the group chose to hunker down and wait. They said there were others up at the road, while one group had headed towards the gym.

With voices being heard, Vanessa and Aimina wait at the hide.

Upslope others wait, the group had fallen quiet.

Tristan took up a sniper's nest position. We could hear Sasha from across the valley.

Pelida was in with the main group.

As Sasha's voice rang out across the fields, the group chose to hunker down further, crouching behind the tall grass.

The source of the whoops and loud calls appeared.  Sasha suddenly saw the large group up in the hollow.

Sasha followed by Anjannet.

Sasha arrives, excited to find the rest of the class.


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