Local complications in assessing learning sliced by gender

You can know the position of a particle but then you will then be unable to know the velocity, you can know the velocity of a particle but then you will be unable to know the position.

As I work on term end learning assessment reports and I stalled out fairly quickly. This term the college wanted all student learning outcomes attainment reported separately for each gender. I realized that I really had no way to sort my students by gender differentials while retaining outcomes information.

In statistics, an item analysis of the final examination provides a good measure of whether students can make basic statistical calculations up through confidence intervals. I mapped the final examination questions to learning outcomes in Schoology.

I could also access an item analysis for all students of the final examination. Between the mapping and the performance I could report the number who succeeded against a particular outcome.

The above, however, does not separate by gender. The only access to gender information would be from the individual student's score screen. 

There I know the gender of the student. That screen, however, does not separate by item so I cannot evaluate individual student learning outcomes from the final score.

Thus I can either generate performance on an outcome but lose gender information, or generate performance by gender but lose outcome information. Fortunately Schoology has a solution for this, an outcomes versus students grid:

Except that screen is only available in the Enterprise edition.  I can assign outcomes, but I cannot access the outcomes mastery screen. The above screen is from Schoology on line help files. The screen maps outcome performance against each student. From this I could report gender specific learning outcome attainment. But I do not have the enterprise edition and the institution for which I work has not opted to adopt any learning management system, at least not as yet. 


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