Colors and the color of light

The week began with Bill Nye's Color and Light video. On Wednesday spectrum boxes were deployed to develop the colors of the spectrum theme. I also hooked up the ChromeBook to the television and displayed the desktop. The students then used the CD spectroscopes to look at the television. This produced a discrete spectrum, although not a three color RGB spectrum. The phosphors actually produced a different set of bands.

On Thursday the laboratory continued the color exploration with RGB, HSL, and X11 colors. A cell phone was used under the microscope in lieu of a monitor, much easier.

Friday the students did solo presentations on what was their favorite color, why, what that color means to them, the RGB triple for their favorite color, the HSL triple for their favorite color, and the nearest X11 color name for their favorite color. This was a new addition to the color week.

The week wrapped up with an optional Saturday morning activity, a 5k color run.


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