Seedless vascular plant presentations

Seedless vascular plant presentations in SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany.

Nostoc parts

Ann-Julie Hainrick and Tremay Esiel cover cyanobacteria

Tom Gilimete covers the life cycle of a moss

Bryophyte life cycle

Mary-Ann Henry and Dannia Route detail the difference between monilophytes and lycophytes

Monilophytes and Lycophytes

Theodore Sigrah and April Suzuki on the life cycle of lycopodium

Lycopodium life cycle

Mitchell Marino and Genrisa Kovac on lycophyta morphology


Lienna Zarred on the life cycle of selaginella

Siorine Pahmer covers the life cycle of ferns

Fern life cycle

Grant Jonas, Kosraean plant names

Kosraean seedless vascular plants

Natasha and Georgene Oliver on Mwoakillese seedless vascular plants


Vanessa Hadley and Joyleen David on the pronounciation differences between northern and Kitti dialects of Pohnpeian


LynnJella Seilo on Mortlockese pronounciations

LynnJella noted that on Kuttu in the Mortlocks Asplenium nidus is called pokou, not chöölik.


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