Ohigan Haruki Cemetery clean-up

With the Spatthoglottis plicata buried in Ischaemum polystachyum, after a brief introduction I turned over attendance to Vanessa and the camera to LynnJella. After class I passed out a handout on Japanese era Palikir.

The area was already partially cleaned up as a security measure for the Pacific Island Forum,  the front area along the road cleared as part of a security perimeter.

LynnJella was instructed to obtain images of people working. Raking in action.

April Suzuki


Clearing brush

Pulling grass

Women with long knives


Rose Jany Torres


Mary-Ann Henry

Mitchell Marino

Naoya Ogaki with machete

Naoya and Brandon Taiwermal

The area is significantly opened up

Vanessa Hadley

Mary-Ann and Mitchell

Rose Jany Torres

Naoya and Brandon

Natasha Oliver

Natasha and Yostrick Rosario


Dannia Route

Grant Jonas

Theodore Sigrah

Tom Gilimete

LynnJella Seilo

Lienna called for a group photo and Natasha picked the location

Then Lienna took a photo so I could be in the group

Now the Haruki area has clear sight lines from the front to the back

The area is more open

Sight lines run back to the men's residence hall

Not yet ready for their group shot


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