Schoology and student learning outcomes assessment

Continuing to build on assessment work I had outlined on Tuesday, I spent Friday afternoon entering my statistics learning outcomes into Schoology and then building rubrics and assignments that directly use those learning outcomes to evaluate the assignment.

Although I have been using rubrics to mark assignments, I have not tried direct alignment of course outline learning outcomes on the individual rubrics. My sense is that shifting to marking using the course and specific learning outcomes would make the Schoology Assessment Management Platform even more useful should the college where I work ever adopt Schoology Enterprise. Along with the Enterprise version Learning Mastery screen, I am optimistic that I might be able to one day crack that toughest of nuts which I wrote about back in 2007: how to track individual performance on multiple outcomes across multiple encounters for a class that caps out at 90 students. With outcomes measured anywhere from eight to forty times during the term, the data matrix is at least 6480 individual outcome events to be tracked. And, for the first time, I can see how that might be possible.

MS 150 Statistics course and specific learning outcomes. The outcomes should actually be hierarchical in arrangement. Such an arrangement does not appear to be implementable in Schoology free.

A rubric to be used to mark a presentation directly using the course and specific learning outcomes

The target assignment, which also displays the outcomes being measured.

There is only one fairly major caveat: I cannot aggregate nor report on achievement of outcomes because that requires the learning objectives mastery screen, which is only in the Enterprise version. The release summer 2016 of the Assessment Management Platform would then allow Enterprise wide reporting on those outcomes. This is potentially really powerful.


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