Banana patch ethnogardening

The banana patch was heavily overgrown this term. After a viewing machete safety videos in A204, the class walked down to the patch. I had preloaded the machetes in my car and pre-positioned the car at the agriculture area so the class did not have to cross campus with machetes. This took more time than I anticipated, and I had to jog back to the class to meet them on time. This approach, however, works better than any other. At the end of class the students simply put the machetes in the car, I do not have to lug a couple dozen machetes back across the campus.

Deep in Clidemia hirta



Naoya pulling Clidemia hirta

The Clidemia hirta was tall and thick

Fanning out around the overgrown garden

The instructor

Vanessa Hadley clearing bush

Jon Jose


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