Ohms law and floral litmus solutions

Laboratory twelve is electricity lite, a laboratory that has been placed on my list of laboratories to be replaced. I have yet to decide which direction to take this laboratory, but I am certain that the time has arrived to replace the forty year old equipment being used. Although watching the students use the same equipment their parents used does carry a sense of a cycle coming back around full circle.

Joemar and Preston try to coax reliable readings out of equipment that was old on the day they were born.

Mayleen, Hansha, Neika, Marmelyn, Marlinda, Joemar, and Marsha try to pull readings from a decade resistance box for which only certain resistances are still functional.

Hansha noted that one of her parents had attended CCM, perhaps they had seen this equipment too.

I experimented with the atomic lecture, having the class be protons, electrons, and neutrons. The class is gender unbalanced. Men were assigned proton duty, women took on electron and neutron duty. This permitted setting up nuclei where no protons had to be in contact with other protons - protons were linked only through neutrons. The class made it to lithium.

Floral litmus solution is a stable and well performing laboratory, although I forgot to bring limes this term. Land grant provided limes gratis. Sucy-Ann and Neikaman draw floral litmus solution.

Marmelyn, Sucy-Ann, and Neika test unknowns

Marmelyn shows off her test tube collection

Marlinda Tom shows her color change for an acid

Marlinda, Hansha, and Mayleen

John Cheida and Gino Retogluwe


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