Founding Day 2016

Founding Day 2016 was held on the Palikir campus as had been done in 2014. Overall the day was a rollicking success. The morning games saw participation by faculty, staff, and students.

The teams formed up in the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center parking area.

And marched into formations in front of the main tent.

Green team's queen and king, Maggie Alistair Tolenoa and Winson "Otoku" Elly.

Fun games followed including egg toss 

Sack race

Bamboo pole race

Photo ops

The three legged race was done coed, which led to large leg length mismatches. The result was an event fraught with ankle risk, claiming at least one victim. The event is risky, but even more so when attempted coed. Better to have team members working with matched leg lengths, and it might be an event to be considered for elimination from future founding days. 

Cone-head soccer goal

Drone aloft - a first for a Founding Day

This woman is outstanding in her field!

Another outstanding student!

Some were just out, standing. 

Easy-Dizzy race

Spin around ten times

Come back and fall down

Tug of war. The uphill team prevailed all but one time. I hypothesized a traction difference.

Yap pulls. 

The day was, in my opinion, fun and successful. A family playing together for a day.


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