Floral litmus solution lab

Floral litmus solutions laboratory. A demonstration of the use of local flowers to generate litmus solutions for sorting out acids and bases.

DeBrum works on boiling flowers

Rebecca, Marcyliza, and Gloria testing a floral litmus solution to determine whether the solution will change color (not luminosity nor brightness) when a known acid (lime fruit) and a known base (baking soda) are added.

Trinia and Heroleen testing a floral litmus solution

Nancy and Gibson testing unknowns using their working floral litmus solution

Nancy shows her results

Marcyliza with her results

Jade, Myreesha, and Rebecca boiling flowers

This is phase I on the right, phase II on the left

I reversed the board layout, right to left, to match the table layout in the room

Detail view of phase II directions

Phase III directions

Nancy shows the color changes against a white background

Darleen watches the color change in her solution


Cynthia and Karmerihna

Some students still try to test multiple flowers


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