At the start of the term I promised the class that they would get wet in the rain outdoors. The El Niño drought almost made a liar out of me. On the last outdoor ethnogarden working day the sky opened up and blessed the class with rain.

Cherlylinda, Sage, Angela clean around the Senna alata

Randy sorting out Senna alata from Ischaemum polystachyum

Sandra and Stewart

Kerat to the left of Gardenia jasminoides, Jeanie, Cherlylinda, Sage. Chance in the background

Angela hand pulling under the Senna alata


Merremia peltata buds

Merremia peltata flowers, late afternoon. Iohl is a morning glory!

Randy, Stewart

Sandra in front of the Jasminum sambac

Angela, Helen, Sunet


Helen, Sunet


Dukay pulling reh padil

Sweena, Dukay


Michelle with a machete

Cleaning around Senna alata


Documenting late arrivals Darren, AL, and Rogan

Michelle, Ravelyn, Stewart, Helen, Angela, Casan-Jenae far right who arrived late with Rogan

Rogan arrives

Cherlylinda, Rebseen


Rebseen, Jason behind the Senna alata over by the Cymbopogon citratus and the Saccharum spontaneum, Jeanie on the right

Michelle, Ravelyn, Sunet


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