Local food dishes of Micronesia

Chance and Sandra presented a dish known in Mwoakillese as daiduhj and in Pohnpeian as daiduhs.

The dish is banana fritters. They noted that baking soda is used along with flour and bananas in the recipe. Sandra also brought boiled bananas.

Hellen, Rebseen, and Jeanie presented dapiohka, also known as kehp tuhke, menioak, or moanioak. Rebseen's first attempt at spelling dapiohka revealed issues in comprehension of Pohnpeian orthography.

Hellen Paul, Rebseen Hadley, Jeanie Bartolome

Helen presenting

Rebseen cutting the dapiohka

Pilohlo mweng pwoail from Mwokilloa brought in by Sonja Dannis

Sonja presents boiled ground hard taro 

Kehp pirain brought in by Randy

Randy Pelep with fried yam cakes

Chuukese amaten uuch: boiled ground banana

Outer island Yapese dish known as unounet on Satawal, Yap, ulowlet on Woleai, leoleod on Ulithi. Fresh coconut sap from the cut flower pedicle is cooked down into coconut sap molasses (luush). The molasses is mixed with ground copra, coconut, and allowed to harden. The result is a candy like energy ball. 

More unounet

The unwrapped coconut "candy" This would make an excellent energy "bar" for distance runners. A mix of sugar and carbs. Little wonder fishermen took this with them for long days of fishing.

Michelle, Kerat, Sweena, and Ravelyn

Dukay showing the class the coconut sap molasses, luush

Kerat explaining amaten uuch, a ground banana and coconut milk dish

Michelle and Kerat

Spellings of local words on the board

Bo'oy nge marew, also bu'oy nge marew was presented by main island Yapese Sebastian and Jason

Angela Solomon presented kariana: a fried taro flour stick

Angela explaining how the kariana is prepared. These are known as karindo on Pohnpei and in Kosrae



Cherlylinda presented idihin uht: ground boiled cooking banana. She noted that before the dish is made the dish may be referred to as uht idihd, but once the dish is done the name is idihdin uht.

Twain present breadfruit balls

Stewart presented mahi umw: breadfruit baked using basalt rocks.

Twain Felix

Stewart Johnny

Sage Neth brought sprouted coconut, a sweet dish called dalok when not frozen, ais pahr when frozen.


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