Pwunso botanic garden walk about

The ethnobotany class again visited the site of the former Japanese agriculture station at Pwunso in Kolonia, Pohnpei, to learn about gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber trees.

The class usually starts at the Ficus prolixa banyan tree, the millenium tree planted by then Governor Del Pangelinan. The tree is now just over 16 years old.

Closer look at the multiple trunks of the banyan.

The bus arrived right around 3:50 P.M., Angela Solomon had arrived ahead of the bus.

After the  banyan, the class walked over to the remaining clove trees, Sysygium aromaticum. No cloves, but the leaves smell of clove oils. Twain Felix pulls a leave while Sandra Gallen and Sebastian Yinnifel smell leaves of the clove tree.

Kerat Esechu, Twain, Sandra, Stewart Johnny, Sonja Dannis around the clove tree.

Michelle Letaisurresh, Jeanie Bartolome, Norton Romolow, Sweena Nourmang, Ravelyn Leyaroftog

Sebastian and Jason Sulog consider the clove tree

Sweena (Swenna) and Dukay Tairuwepiy

Behind Stewart, Sebastian, Rogan Joab, Michelle, Norton, and Ravelyn can be seen Araucaria columnaris. The Allertonia flora notes this was misidentified as Araucaria heterophylla, but the tree is  actually A. columnaris.

Angela and Sonja examine Cinnamomum verum, a cinnamon tree. When asked, one student said the tree smelled like peanut butter. When I then explained that the tree was a peanut butter tree, some students appeared to take me seriously. No one grows ground nuts here.

The class is gathered around a cone bearing Cycas rumphii tree, another gymnosperm. Sonja, Darren Ehmes, Sebastian, Michelle, Ravelyn, Dukay, Angela, Twain, Sweena, Stewart.

Notes by Kerat under the nutmeg tree. I explained the history of nutmeg - briefly. Hellen Paul has appeared in the photos, seen to the left of Sonja in the back.

Eucalyptus deglupta, looking up the trunk. From this angle the brilliant colors do not show as well. A timber tree.

Casan-Jenae Joab, Kerat, Sage Neth, Jason, Cherlylinda Augustine, Sebastian, Sonja

Cherlylinda, and Darren at the rainbow gum tree

A stop at the Averrhoa carambola tree on the way to the back. The gate has been open the past few months, and was again open today. This was helpful as I was on track to longer trip due to the inclusion of the nutmeg history

Sweena under the star fruit tree

Jeanie, Sandra consider the tree they know as "ansu"

Continuing on the walk to the back, Sweena and Sandra. 

Leading the group: Kerat, Dukay, Sweena, Michelle

An image of another Eucalyptus deglupta, this one back by the tennis courts, the color more apparent.

E. deglupta bark

Kerat and Sweena smelling leaves of Pimenta dioica, the allspice tree. Also known as pimento or Jamaican pepper tree

Chance Obed styling with the allspice tree

Angela is front of Agathis lanceolata, a kauri pine tree


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