Banana patch gardening

The second day of ethnobotany class was rearranged to begin in the A204 computer laboratory. I used the computer laboratory to remind students to sign into Schoology and to show a series of videos on machete use and safety. The final video in the playlist is included as an example of how not to swing a machete.

After a video introduction to machete safety, the class walked down to the banana patch. I carried the machetes down in my car. This avoided having 27 students with machetes marching across the middle of the campus. I also passed out the under-development banana patch handout.

Kerat Esechu

At the end of the class I collected the machetes and loaded them back into my car, again avoiding carrying machetes across campus.

Sebastian Yinnifel

Casan-Jenae Joab

Unknown bananas, not uhten Ruhk. Suspected of being a more recent introduction or possibly uhten kirenis.

Uhten ruhk.


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