SMART Board Interactive Flat Panel arrives

The failing SMART projection unit in A204 was replaced this week with a SMART board LCD flat panel display. To celebrate the arrival of the new hardware, I had the students prepare statistical analysis presentations and present to their findings to the class. The following is a photo essay of the students and their presentations.

Kazuki led off the presentations

Meigan obligingly demonstrated that the board was at an appropriate height for student presentation use

Meigan presenting using PowerPoint

Kerley presenting using a Microsoft Word document

Unlike the projection unit, the panel is bright and clearly visible with all lights on in the computer laboratory.

Zerolyn presents using PowerPoint.

JS presenting

Zerolyn advancing a slide

Maridell and Praislyn

Shinita and Kasilda taking advantage of the high resolution to display data tables

Gayshalane and Seledonia presenting their findings

Eliza and Neil using PowerPoint

Dominic and Quincy

Lucia and Sucy-ann. Again, the board is clearly the appropriate height for the students


Class watches Josephine

Doug presenting using Microsoft Word

Dyson displays a Gnumeric boxplot in PowerPoint


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