Gymnosperms angiosperms spices timber

Student presentations on gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber trees.

Sketski on the life cycle of cycads. Loss of his presenting partner had Sketski pinch hitting unexpectedly. Always be prepared to step in is the take home lesson

Jannessa presented on the history of gymnosperms.

Aiesha-Laine presents on gymnosperm morphology while Evangelina looks on.

Leaf morphology poster..

Allison Fugog explained stem morphology.

A diagram showing the differences between monocots (left) and dicots (right).

Erika Billen well covered the life cycle of angiosperms with a good diagram.

Well done poster presentation on allspice.

Sylvia covers black pepper.

Michelle David covers the uses of cinnamon. She noted a number of medicinal uses including treatment of stomach ache, intestinal worms, and menstrual cramps.

Junia covered the uses of cloves.

Jamie, on the right, covered coffee. Jayson, on the left, explained the uses of cloves.

Fritz Mihkel covered the Mindanao gum tree, also known as the rainbow gum tree or painted gum tree due to its multi-colored bark.


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