Primitive plants presentations

A photo gallery of presentations on monilophytes and lycophytes in SC 115 Ethnobotany fall 2015.

Cyanobacteria poster session

Erika Billen on the life cycle of moss

Erika presents as Myreesha looks on

Trisden Elias covers the life cycle of lycopodium

Shanon Jonathan presents on the morphology of lycopodium

microphylls, strobilus, stem

Jayson on the life cycle of selaginella

Aiesha-Laine Santos assisted by Fredson Ardos on the morphology of ferns

Well done fern morphology chart

Sylvia Johnson covers Pingelapese pronunciations of primitive plants

Fritz Mihkel and Merany Pelep share northern and Kitti dialectical differences in Pohnpei 

Fritz covers Kitti

Alison Fugog shares Yapese pronunciations with the class


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