Marking revised submissions in Schoology

In the middle of working my way through four different laboratory report assignments for my fourteen students each with its own rubric and which included both first submissions and revised submissions, I looked up for a moment and simply gave thanks for Schoology. Summer session is fast and furious, with the course clocking three full laboratories a week each with a report. With resubmissions of prior work and current submissions, both the students and I can become confused in the fog of a busy week. Schoology clears the fog and allows both the students and I to succeed.

When marking a revised submission I have my prior comments in full view on the right, the resubmission in the center screen, access to all prior submissions from a drop down menu on the left, and the marked rubric upper center right. No shuffling through papers, no need to require the student to hand in the earlier (and often lost) draft with the new draft - that is so paper based. I am instantly up-to-speed on where I am with that student in this particular assignment. Schoology is my all-glass aircraft cockpit with all of the information I need and none of the clutter.

To those Schoology designers and coders working diligently in some distant cubicle, you are making a real difference in the lives of instructors and students. Those long hours, the late nights, that screen space craftsmanship is appreciated out here where students are gaining skills, learning, and making progress on the road to their own life goals.


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