Weather station visit

On Tuesday the physical science class visited the National Weather Service, Pohnpei Weather Service Office as a part of a unit on weather.
Edward, Cherish, and Rofino observe as Wallace explains some of the data displays

The class listens intently

Wallace holds the LMS-6 Radiosonde

The radiosonde unit

Theoretic tsunami arrival times from an earthquake in the south Pacific

IR color enhanced satellite photo of western Pacific ocean

Radiosonde data display

Balloon away, released by Eiko

Eiko Ioanis, on the left, was allowed to release the balloon. Perdania Barry, and Alwin look on

Back inside Sharon Mualia, Edward, Perdania, and Rofino watch the radiosonde data display

Radiosonde data

Chatty Beetle for communicating data as text messages among the outer islands. Satellite based, the messages are received across the Pacific.

A future meteorologist, perhaps, at her workstation.


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