Performance statistics in Schoology Basic

A faculty member wrote recently asking,
I have a question about Schoology. In order to input data into TracDat, I would like to see a distribution of grades for each assignment. For example, I’d like to check how many students reached 70% on spoken language quizzes, or how many students achieved 80% on chapter tests and so forth.
Bearing in mind that the faculty at the institution are using Schoology Basic, the features of Schoology Enterprise are not an option. Although aggregation of statistics for multiple assignments does not appear to be possible, there are options for obtaining statistics for individual assignments.

Student access to statistics on an assignment or test can be enabled when the assignment or test is set up.

To obtain statistics for a single assignment, test, or other scored materials, there is a  View Stats button available in the upper right corner of the assignment screen.

Alternatively, one can access assignment statistics from the Gradebook.

The statistics screen provides both basic statistical measures as well as the distribution of the students on the assignment. With many courses at the college defininglearning levels in terms of percentage performance, the histogram is particularly useful.

The Gradebook data can also be exported and then analyzed using spreadsheets or statistical software.

For work with a spreadsheet, the first option is appropriate.

The CSV file can be opened with spreadsheet software or saved.

In the spreadsheet data can be aggregated and analyzed.

Were the institution to adopt Schoology Enterprise, then performance against standards, student learning outcomes, could be directly reported.


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