Item analysis with Schoology

For many years I have used item analysis of the final examination to assess specific student learning outcomes in MS 150 Statistics. This term is the first term in which I am using Schoology to deliver all tests and quizzes in statistics. Schoology has permitted me to use fill in the blank with multiple alternate answers, a key requirement I have had for an learning management system.

In the process of doing on line testing with automated marking, I have utilized the item analysis that Schoology offers to gain better insights into performance on routine quizzes and tests. Time constraints have always worked against item analyzing every quiz and test, Schoology now makes that an automatic capability.

The first three questions were multiple choice, the item analysis provides detailed information on how many students chose a particular answer.

For fill in the blank Schoology provides the number who answered correctly. For detailed data on specific wrong answers I have the ability to look up individual student answers.The ability to review aggregate performance by question helps me adjust my curricula to better meet the learning needs of my students and to address the specific gaps in their knowledge. Powerful stuff.


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