Banana patch clean-up two

On the 21st of April the ethnobotany class worked on cleaning up the banana patch once again. Clidemia hirta is completely out of control in the banana patch. The whole place may have to be hand pulled, sans knives, to try to get the C. hirta back under control.

A mapping exercise was also engaged in, but the GPS units were simply not accurate enough to correctly map the locations of the bananas.

Herpelyn Ilon and Patty Mario

Alexander Kenrad

Beverly Billy tackling C. hirta the only effective way to do so

Darlene Charley

Petery Peter, Bryan Wichep

Possible uhten in Ruhk

Located in the corner at N 006° 54.673' E 158° 09.332', thought to be Daiwang (Taiwan banana, local apellation, not necessarily from Taiwan).


Lilina Etson, Miki Fritz, and Bryan Mwarike moved an uhten lihli sucker to N 006° 54.663'    E 158° 09.326'. Identification by Lilina. Lilina calls the banana "Miki's banana."

Costus speciosus aka Cheilocostus speciosus in the foreground of Miki's banana

Lina Lawrence rakes

Yet to be identified banana, the third one fruiting on the 21st.

Banana flora for Pohnpei.


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