Haruki Ohigan Rain

Dark skies and heavy rain accompanied the Ohigan cleaning of the Haruki cemetery. Although the weather was inclement at best, only a single student was absent. Although I noted that due to the wet conditions and the presence of rebar and pipe in the cemetery only experienced machete handlers ought to participate, the students all joined in with great enthusiasm.

The class began with Japanese-Chuukese student Miki Fritz explaining Ohigan.

I again cautioned the class to be careful in the wet and dark conditions.

Herpelyn and Esmirelda in the rain, the flash lighting individual raindrops

Miki explains Ohigan as Bryan, Stephanie, Patty and Beverly listen

Attendance in the rain was taken photographically. Patty, Beverly, and John Yilbuw.

Miki handles a presentation in difficult circumstances

Darlene, Kohsak, Simon, and Lerina Nena

Simon shelters from the rain with Lerina, Lilina at work

Herpelyn, Esmirelda, Lina Lawrence, Petery Peter

Bryan Mwarike, Miki Fritz, Bryan Wichep lurking in the background

Alexander Kenrad

Jamie, Darlene Charley, Kohsak, Simon, Lerina in the sparkling rain

Elizabeth Augustine working in the foreground, Marvin Bartolome exhibiting the spirit of Tuesday's lecture on the shift in material culture and opting to be comfortable in the rain.

Lerina style raking

Darlene Charley

The stick is a grass lifting pole for dealing with polystachion grass

Lilina cleans up around the orchids, Herpelyn and Alex on rakes

Rain falling like snow



Marvin trims tree branches after I dissuaded Miki from using a overhead two-hand samurai technique. Knife training is slated for next August in the fall section of the course

Heavy rain falls around Patty. 

Lina with the iuiu - Alpinia Carolinense

Elizabeth Augustine

Elizabeth Augustine

Work or get cold, Simon joins in the effort

One to clean, one to hold the umbrella. Interesting.

Beverly Billy

Like a ghost amid the fog and rain

Stephnie working in a dark corner of the garden

Esmirelda undaunted by the kohlo (Hibiscus tiliaceus)

The class insisted on a group photo - happy, wet class. 

Notice the absence of rain in this image: as soon as the cemetery was cleaned up, the rain stopped, the heavy dark clouds broke up. Dark forces dispersed. The very next day the sun would break out full force.

Well cleaned!

Ixora casei

Phenomenal! Hasn't been this clean since spring 2014


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