Converting between meters and arc minutes of longitude

Laboratory 072 sought to determine a conversion factor between minutes of arc and meters. This term I knew to start the class near the palms at N 06° 54.568, E 158° 09.600' The start at 9.600' would make the subtractions easier.

Rather than use 100 clicks on the non-metric surveyor's wheel as 30 meters, I went ahead and converted each 30 meter interval into feet: 98, 197, 295, 394, 492, and 591 feet.

 Jerlian reads her GPS.

In the 11:00 section I realized we could reach 9.700' for a change of 0.1 arc minutes. This was additional point out beyond 180 meters.

Marlynn Fredrick kept me on a constant line of latitude

11:00 class data. The last data point was at 600 feet.
change in distance in (arc minutes) change in distance (meters)
0 0
0.016 30
0.032 60
0.05 90
0.064 120
0.082 150
0.099 180
0.1 182.88

The class insisted on a portrait by the entrance

Beverly Billy

Jeanine Gabriel

Each lab section then went to the computer lab to further explore latitude and longitude using Google Earth and Google Maps.


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