Traditional Plants of Pohnpei Garden

The traditional plants of Pohnpei garden is apparently getting a make-over as an area for the support of agriculture, food technologies, and natural resources program. While some plants remain, others have been removed to make room for raised bed gardens. The core area of the healing plants garden was in the process of having the grass cut. The money for the crew that tended the healing plants garden is no longer available. About half of the north side was overgrown with reh padil at the time of the visit. The sense of  garden in decay saddened me sufficiently that I opted not to take pictures of the north side of the garden.

I had asked the person who drove the creation of the garden to put the garden at the national campus where I might be able to defend the garden, but there were very solid reasons for locating the garden on Pohnpei campus. One of those reasons was the proximity of Kolonia school and the potential to use the garden as a living herbarium and teaching tool.

Miki Fritz, Petery Peter, Darlynn Charley, Lina Lawrence, Marvin Bartolome

At this point the national campus has a strong selection of plants. Not as complete as the garden was at Pohnpei campus, but with the losses the collections are closer to equality.

Miki Fritz, Beverly Billy

Whether or not this field trip is retained remains to be determined. Time to consider alternate options?

Petery, Lina, Miki, Beverly

Even with the losses, the location remains a pleasant location to begin the healing plants unit. There may be, however, other options closer to Palikir that would be appropriate.


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