Pwunso gymnosperms, spice, and timber plants

On the 17th of February the class visited Pwunso to see, touch, and taste the gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber plants.

Lilina with the leaf of a clove tree.

Elizabeth Augustine

Apparently the female cone of Araucaria columnaris, a rare find that had fallen from atop the tree.

Cinnamomum verum examined by Kohsak and Daryll.

Lilina pulls some of the bark, Gordon on the right.

Lilina, Alexander Kenrad, Patty Mario, John Yilbuw, and Sebastian.

The Mindanao gum tree, also known as the painted gum tree or rainbow gum. Eucalyptus deglupta. Beverly called it "the naked tree."

Miki Fritz with a the Agathis lanceolata, another gymnosperm. The hardened resinous sap smells like pine sol.

Daryll under the Agathis lanceolata - kauri pine.

Miki and Lilina studying what is, for Pohnpei, an unusual tree.

Patty Mario, the class in the field near the allspice trees. Beverly Billy in red on the left.

Lilina, Simon, Darlene, trying to name the Calophyllum inophyllum (ituc, isou, rekich, biyuuch).

Close up of the painted gum tree.


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