Lycophyte and monilophyte student presentations

The seedless vascular plants presentations began with coverage of a bacteria, cyanobacteria.

Nicole Albert and Simon Augustine present the different cell types found in cyanobacteria: heterocysts, akiinetes, and vegetative cells. Crucially, they missed noting that vegetative cells engage in photosynthesis.

Sebastian Yinnifel and Marvin Bartolome covered the life cycle of moss with a very well done drawing.

Moss life cycle.

Beverly Billy presented while Darleen Charley assisted.

Esmirelda holds forth on the life cycle of Lycopodiella cernua.

Lycopodiella cernua life cycle.

Kohsak Keller and Bryan Wichep with a very detailed coverage of Lycophyte morphology.

Gordon Loyola and Patty Mario cover the life cycle of ferns. Common themes such as spore production, and independent gametophyte stage tie these plants together.

Fern life cycle diagram.

Petery Peter and Franson Simeon lead the class through fern morphological descriptors.

Good images, a tad hard to see from the back of the room.

Lerina Nena, working on short notice, tackles the language of her paternal heritage, pronouncing the plant names of Kosrae.

Lilina Etson did a masterful job of covering the plant names of Mwoakilloa, clarifying some, and adding to the list of named ferns.

The Davallia solida and  Haploteris elongata (Sw.). Syn. Vittaria elongata names are new to me and the Microsorum scolopendria is a new spelling.

Lina Lawrence handles the Kitti pronunciations of the primitive plants.

Elizabeth Augustine presents the northern pronunciation of plants in tandem with Lina's Kitti variants.

Bryan Mwarike tackles Chuuk, outer island.

Alexander Kenrad also worked diligently to cross-check plant names that previous students have simply taken as correct. He provides corrected names for Sphaeropteris nigricans (Cyathea nigricans) and Angiopteris evecta, the last two ferns on the list below in that same order.

Miki Fritz covered the fern names in Japanese. The names were based on Island of Ponape: the nature and the plants: the report of the Botanical Expedition to Ponape Island / edited by Takehisa Nakamura. Many plants were identified and named during the Japanese era in Micronesia. The book is a rare book, undoubtedly out of print. The only information I have on the book is as follows:

Island of Ponape: the nature and the plants : the report of the Botanical Expedition to Ponape Island / edited by Takehisa Nakamura. Japan Association of Botanical Gardens. Minami-Aoyama 2-11-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan : Dai-ichi-Hoki Shuppan Co., [197?]. 220 p. : ill., maps. ; 24 cm.


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