An exploration of heat conductivity

Laboratory six explored the conductivity of heat for various locally available materials. The equipment is basic and the results are crude at best, but the laboratory does demonstrate that some materials conduct, some do not, and the conductivity varies with the material and the size of the material.
Vancyleen monitors the time

This is another of those laboratories that I tend to let evolve each term. This term I started a table with times and temperatures on the board. The students naturally followed and many chose to use the same time intervals. The result was a time series for each material. Ultimately the decision was taken to use the temperature out at 12 to 13 minutes, rather than the peak temperature which could have occurred earlier or later in some of the materials.

Marlynn and Vancyleen

At 11:00 I went for a simpler start and peak temperature table. In neither class did I move to the group of pairs phase for discussing chart types, that is something that maybe should be returned to this laboratory. I opted for a whole class discussion. This worked better at 8:00 than 11;00. The 8:00 class is often more willing to ponder and pontificate. The 11:00 class is consistently less able to do so. I suspect part of the difficulty is that the 11:00 class has thoughts of lunch on their mind.

Jerlian ponders her data


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