Acceleration of gravity

Laboratory three in SC 130 Physical Science investigated whether there is a quadratic (parabolic) relationship between the time and distance for a ball falling to the ground. The laboratory also sought to determine the value of the acceleration of gravity g?

Roselynn Beelyaw, Leah Torwan

This laboratory used to build on two earlier activities that during a regular school term usually occur on Monday and Wednesday respectively. The first activity was a plot of time versus distance for an accelerating RipStik. Based on the RipStik activity, there was a non-linear relationship (curved line) between time and distance for the accelerating RipStik. In the second activity, the arc of a ball activity, the students explore whether the trajectory of a ball might be related to a parabola. A quadratic equation is presented as the underlying mathematical relationship. The students graph their data and the equation to explore whether the ball arc and the equation are related. These two activities built to this laboratory where the specific mathematical relationship nature of time versus distance for a falling ball is measured. Put more simply, if a jacks ball falls twice as far, by what factor does the time increase?

Since fall 2014 I have continued to develop the RipStik arc activity on Monday. I now use Wednesday to more carefully deconstruct the calculation of velocity and acceleration from segments of the Monday activity, which is now a deceleration run that generates the parabola which the ball arc used to generate. The link of the RipStik to the ball arc did not exist except for those who have had physics and "see" the underlying quadratic relationship in each.

Vancyleen Wichep and Natasha Edwin

This structure permits what feels like a more logical introduction from acceleration from the demonstration on Monday.

Jerisse Salvador waiting for the super ball
By the end of the period on the Wednesday the formulas for Thursday have been introduced.

Lynnsey Sigrah, Arnold Tawerilfeg

Lynnsey, Jeanie Gabriel

Board shots

Beverly Billy waits for the super ball to fall from 400 or 500 cm


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