Banana patch cleaning and some tentative banana identifications

On the 18th of November the SC/SS Ethnobotany class cleaned up the banana patch, which continues to be overrun by Clidemia hirta, and I worked with the students on identifying those with fruit or flowers.

This banana at N 6° 54.663' and E 158° 9.329' provoked the most discussion. The location best matches a rhizome planted by Roxann Moya and thought by her to be karat. Clearly this is not karat. The initial determination was kerenis, although another thought it might be uhten wai, which would be a AAA Cavendish. A third student thought it was simply a young uhten ruhk. Utin kerenis, which may be a reference to Kapinga, is an AA; Pisang Raja banana by my sources. Utin Ruhk is an ABB Saba banana.

The same banana at N 6° 54.663' and E 158° 9.329'.

Another view of the banana at N 6° 54.663' and E 158° 9.329'.

The above banana at N 6° 54.670' and E 158° 9.328'well matches the location of an uhten rais planted by Karmi Soar at N 6° 54.670' and E 158° 9.330' . The student concurred in the uhten rais apellation.

Uhten rais at N 6° 54.670' and E 158° 9.328'

Uhten rais at N 6° 54.670' and E 158° 9.328'

Uhten rais at N 6° 54.670' and E 158° 9.328'

Although not fruiting, the banana at N 6° 54.671' and E 158° 9.330' appears to roughly match the location of an uhten menihle planted by Joey Seiola. Some students said this was an uhten kuam which they claim is the same as an uhten menihle. My sources say both are AAB; Silk but finger is longer in utin kuam (source spelling), menihle has a smaller finger. That kind of distinction could come down to soil differences.

 Virginia Sartilug.

 Judy Ligohr
 Judy Andon, Shirley-ann Rudolph

 Katielyne Nianugmwar

 Rockson Salihk, Katielyne

 Melody Tulenkun

 Jake Manuel


 Dwayne Hadley

 Gary Totong


 Joemar Wasan, Dwayne

 Judy Ligohr

 Marvin Louis


 Jennnifer Panuelo with a knife, Kanio idle in the background

 Arnold Panuelo, observer only

 Katielyne and Andrea Ewarmai
 Judy Ligohr, left, and Judy Andon, still working when most were now resting including Maylani on the left in the background. Dwayne, Marvin, and Joemar were also still at work.
 Dwayne still working
 Judy Andon also still working

 Jake cleaning up around a Daiwang in the background, Ronda up front.

 Fence damage.

 Daiwang, AAB; Pisang kelat bananas

 Jake Manuel and Dwayne Hadley cleaned up around the Daiwang banana planted at at N 6° 54.673' and E 158° 9.332'. Rockyner Hadley claimed to haveplanted a Daiwang at that same location in the corner, coordinates then of N 6° 54.674' and E 158° 9.333' Dwayne identified the bananas as Daiwang before knowing that Rockyner had planted a claimed-to-be Daiwang, so that seems to be confirmatory for me.

There are more to be identified, but without fruit this is difficult. The Clidemia hirta may be allelopathic and slowing the growth of some bananas.


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