Primitive plants presentations

Primitive plant presentations

A diagram of the cell types for cyanobacteria

Elson Elias and Maylani Clarence cover the life cycle of mosses.

Life cycle of a moss

Andrea Ewarmai and Melody Tulenkun cover the difference between monilophytes and lycophytes.

Lycopodiella cernua

Judy Ligohr displays Lycopodiella cerna

Gary Totong covers the morphology of Lycopodiella cernua including the microphylls, strobili, stems, and the adventitious roots which extend from the above ground running stems (stolons) into the soil.

Trickson Ladore and Ronda Kephas cover the life cycle of Lycopodium cernuum.

Arnold Panuelo and Katielyne Nianugmwar explain the odd life cycle of selaginella

Selaginella life cycle detail presented by Katielyne Nianugmwar.

Ruthy Phillip and Jennifer Panuelo cover the life cycle of a fern.

Fern life cycle.

Jennifer Panuelo.

Shirley-Ann Rudolph begins a presentation on fern morphology.

Jake Manuel covers Kosraean plant names.

Dwayne Hadley and Judy Andon provide illumination on the dialectical differences extant on Pohnpei.

Virginia Sartilug covers Satawan plant words.

Kevina Berngun presents Yapese plant names.

Virginia and Kevina working together.


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