RipStik Linear Velocity

The Monday RipStik run exercise ran from the fifth pole at the sidewalk down to the south faculty building entrance. The posts were measured at 305, 305, 305, 307, 307 for a distance sequence of 0, 305, 610, 915, 1222, and 1529. This differs from practice in prior terms where the posts were all taken to be 305 centimeters apart.

Approaching the y-intercept of (0 seconds, 0 centimeters)

Heading downrange, times were 0, 1.22, 2.63, 4.14, 5.55, and 7.25 seconds.

Runs end at the opening to the south faculty building.

Given the weak performance on the pre-assessment, I plant to dissect this data in class on Wednesday. Plot, trend line, slope, and then segment velocity calculations leading into speed changes post-to-post. Slope is speed is the planned theme.


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