Ethnobotany day two walk and talk

On the fall schedule this term day two was to be an ethnogarden cleaning exercise. This fall the few plants rescued from the now incomplete soccer field are over behind the gym. On the way across campus I named plants for the class - beginning their preparation for the final examination in December. This slowed progress across campus. On the way across campus I realized that no one had picked up a machete anyway, so I continued the walk and talk tour deviating up to the main road for Magnifera indica and down the LRC for the Ponapea ledermanniana. Around behind the women's residence hall and out into the sea of polystachion grass to learn the few plants that had been moved. Then up into the Japanese "Haruki" cemetery.

Jasmine struggling to survive amidst a sea of polystachion grass.

This walk and talk actually worked rather well as part of the week one introduction to ethnobotany and probably should simply be built upon - using day two not as a garden cleaning day but rather a plant learning day.


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