Cleaning the banana patch in ethnobotany class

Just over a year ago the ethnobotany class students planted bananas out in an agricultural area of the college. Each term the students engage in cleaning up the invasive species collection around the bananas, and works on learning some of the varieties of bananas growing in the patch. Although positive identifications will have to await fruiting, the patch is thought to contain karat, menihle (Manila), uhten lihli, uhten ruhk, uhten kapakap, uhten rais, akadahn, kaimana, uhten pisi (Fiji), and daiwang (Taiwan).

Instructor Lee Ling holding Clidemia hirta (riahpen roht), an agressive invasive, and explaining the relationship to the indigenous Melastoma malabathricum var. marianum (pisetikimei).

 Virgina Sartilug works the west edge of the banana patch 

Judy Andon surround by the invasives Costus speciosus (Cheilocostus speciosus) and Clidemia hirta

Katielyne Nianugmwar curring back Clidemia hirta

Ruthy Phillip works while Rockson looks on

Judy sharpens her knife

Joemar Wasan working the east side, the anemic looking banana is under a Spathodea campanulata (African tulip tree), another invasive species.

The instructor enjoying some outdoor activity

Possibly uhten ruhk

Kevina takes a break amid the invasives while Virginia works on

Cleaning towards the southern side


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