Rolling over to a new term in Schoology

Having used Schoology for only one term, I was unsure how to roll my marking rubrics over to a new term for a course. The spring 2014 run of physical science had automatically archived when the date I set as end of term arrived. As I had set up the spring term as a sectionless single course, and being more familiar with Engrade, I thought I had to set up a new course. I did not immediately see a way to move course materials over to the new course, so I abandoned that approach and opted to attempt to set up a new section of the archived course.

This worked and I was able to copy categories, grading scales, and rubrics from the archived spring section to the summer section.

Note that the above screen was accessed from the archived spring section of the course. I was able to set up the summer section dates and name post hoc in the gradebook settings subscreen.

Students with pre-existing Schoology logins can join the course by logging in and then using Courses > Join to enter the summer access code.

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