Measuring pi and making waves with a RipStik in Algebra and Trigonometry

Sunny weather permitted going outside to measure pi in MS 101 Algebra and Trigonometry.

Angie Joab remained at zero degrees, Jamal Ranganbay held the line taught, Maybelline Ihara rolled the measuring wheel.

Tommy Wichilbuch Jr. anchored the center of the circle.

Jamal heads counter-clockwise passing through pi over four radian, Maybelline trailing along.

Shra Ringlen was at 180° or pi radians.

Jamal passing through 270°. Maybelline would eventually measure 268 feet around the circle. From Angie to Shra, the diameter, was 87 feet. The resulting pi was 3.08. Maybe I should have started with something small, like wrapping paper around a pen, moved up to a coffee can, they the surveyor's wheel, and then moved out onto the lawn. Show that pi is invariant with circle size.

Section 6.3 sine wave lay down. This time I prefaced by graphing y = sin x using WolframAlpha in class. I also started from a stop, accelerating on the paper.

This led to a less stable center line, but the changing wavelength that I desired. The result worked well with the initial wavelength being 24 cm and the final wavelength being 39 cm. The image above was enhanced using the Graphic Image Manipulation Program.

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