FSM Coconut Development Authority class visit

The SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class visited the FSM Coconut Development Authority processing plant on 29 April 2014.
4:02 class arrival at FSMCDA

Peterson Sam addresses the class, Sother Jr., Arlen, Leona

Carrie-Ann, Senioreen, Lilly-Jane, Monaliza, Sapina and Spencer


End of the coconut dryer

Mikey examines dryer

Coconut oil expeller

Expelled oil

The coconut "crackers" - copra that has been dried, the oil already expelled. Sold as pig feed. Can be eaten by people too.

Carie-Ann and Carlinda listen to Peterson

Raw expelled coconut oil

Retail operation

Products include soap, oil. $1.75 a bottle for the golden oil on the right. Produced by sun drying the copra and not grinding it prior to expelling the oil. A new fav bath oil for the author.

"Ais keikei" chocolate coconut ice bars.

Charlotte, Jenny, Spencer

Production of products requires a knowledge of chemistry

Raw copra is brought in from outer islands Pohnpei, outer islands Yap, main island Yap. This is a national effort

Gear for the next phase: coconut fuel oil, biofuel, production

Departure 4:27
For more information on coconut products, contact Peterson Sam at FSM Coconut Development Authority

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