Spring 2014 is an ongoing series of surprises and a chance to reconnect with the fringes of the property. I went down the north slope of the main finger that spurs off from south of midpoint between admin and the cafeteria. I dropped into a familiar old gully in the fold and then up over the tail spur of the ridge that drops from the women's residence hall. This put me high in another fold that now has a pipe in it.

Trails rise up from above and to the west of this area, one towards the male residence hall, one back towards the female residence hall.

A trail down into the valley that may connect the Yapese hut area to the valley floor.

A trail rising from the area of the former shot.

Arlen working in the cemetery.

The jasmine plant just barely visible in the mid-foreground.

A rock pile I used to mark the location of the plants when I did the transplanting. The pile proved useful today.

Rotick and Arlen working in the cemetery.

Rain settles in over the class. Sother Junior and Monaliza Soram.

Spencer works with Lilly Jane John.




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